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About Laura

An elementary school teacher, a nanny, an energy healer and a happiness coach!  Laura navigates this world in an attempt to help, to heal, and to guide us to MORE- more happiness, more self love, more confidence, more success, more self-awareness, more understanding of the truth of your power here!  


She began her career as an elementary school teacher, has her MA in Curriculum and Instruction, and worked with preschool - 8th graders.  With the help of her husband, she has passionately survived guiding her four boys into adulthood!  Her spiritual journey began in the fall of 2014 when she found herself living the picture perfect life, but never feeling worse. “I was sad, depressed, feeling utterly hopeless, not to mention completely stressed out, and I truly had no idea why.”  She had been experiencing severe physical dizziness and had spent over a year searching for answers within the medical community. The cause was never determined.  It was then that the Divine stepped in and provided a book suggesting meditation, and she fell onto this path hard and fast overcome by a sense of peace. 


Continuing this journey, she became a Level III Reiki Master, and found the connection to her innervoice.  She began to really listen, not with her ears but with her inner feeling, her whole self, and what followed was PEACE, CLARITY and understanding of her purpose.  Guidance came through loud and clear as she began communicating with her spirit guides (we ALL have them!) and then with other aspects of Source Energy (the nonphysical realm).


Laura is a teacher, a coach, and a source of information for anyone searching for truth and happiness.  She loves what she does, and believes this path will lead anyone to what they truly desire, which is HAPPINESS!  She connects and COMMUNICATES with Source Energy daily, and uses this connection to teach, inspire and help others understand their own connection. Laura works with individuals and groups, channeling instruction on the Law of Attraction, the Importance of Self Love, Stepping into Your POWER, and understanding the connection you have and the guidance you are receiving RIGHT NOW with and from the nonphysical realm, and how this impacts your happiness.

She is grateful for every experience, every connection she makes with the individuals who seek her guidance.  And she knows that each connection is intentional for her learning, as well.  She is committed to bringing enlightenment to all those who find her and help each discover his or her own path to peace, love, joy, and the truth of this existence.

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