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Group Sessions:
Open Channeling Sessions/ Book Club

Is happiness a choice? Do you feel happy most of the time? Does your life interest and energize you? Do you feel empowered when it comes to getting what you want in your life?  Are you living your purpose?  OR do you think it’s “normal” to feel unsatisfied, tired, stuck, unfulfilled? Do you feel like you want MORE from this life? Are you curious about psychic channeling?


Join us, as we gather together to discuss just what that “MORE” is.  Psychic channeler Laura O’Malley, of In the Light, connects with Spirit (Source energy) and will channel the answers to your questions by connecting with those in the non-physical who can answer your questions and help bring clarity about the truth of who you are, what your purpose is, how to become happy right now, and much more!

Ask and it is given.jpg
Ask and It Is Given
By Esther &  Jerry Hicks

Ask and It Is Given is a guidebook to understanding the truth of who you are.  It will help you learn how to manifest your desires so that you're living the joyous life you deserve.  As you read, you will come to understand how your relationships, health issues, finances, career concerns, and more are influenced by the Universal laws that govern our time-space reality.  You will learn powerful processes that will help you go with the positive flow of life.  Spirit is ready to answer your questions.  Are you ready to listen? Are you ready to GET INTO THE LIGHT?


Reading is recommended but not mandatory for attendance!  Source welcomes any questions within this group format .

For your convenience, Laura provides copies of Ask and It Is Given for purchase, for $15.  Pay with cash, Zelle or Venmo.

$25 per session | 6 - 7 pm every other Wednesday | CHECK BACK FOR NEW DATES

If you are not on Laura's email list, inquire about open channeling dates via email by hitting the 'request appointment' tab above.

 Source will address questions and provide clarity about Ask and It Is Given, The Astonishing Power of Emotions or any other questions you may have about your existence in the physical.  We will not be addressing specific chapters as we have prior.  Please read at your own pace and bring any questions you may have about energy, the law of attraction, being in alignment, state of allowance,  Source energy, or more.


If you are planning to attend, PLEASE register by clicking the "sign up" link below.  We need a headcount prior to the evening.  



Sign up by Wednesday the day before, is greatly appreciated. If you are signing up after Wednesday evening, please text or email Laura to check on availability.

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Energy coach by day, Laura is seeking to reconnect with her passion for teaching and has channeled Breadcrumbs to Happiness, a workshop series for teens, and Allowing YOU, a workshop series for adults, to ignite "living happy" regardless of  in this crazy world today. 

Breadcrums to Happiness Hero.png
Breadcrumbs to Happiness
Teen Workshop

Laura is seeking to reconnect with her passion for teaching youth and has developed a workshop series intended to reduce anxiety as it guides teens on "BEing and thriving' in this crazy world today. This four-part workshop series helps them understand the truth about who they are, their RIGHT NOW power, and how to bring happiness into their life by connecting with their Higher Self, and discovering the truth about their emotional guidance system. Includes instruction on meditation, refocusing thought, and receiving clarity. 

Instruction includes

  • Guidance on meditation and why it is so important

  • How to determine what is standing in the way of your happiness

  • How to refocus thought and breakthrough habitual thinking patterns

  • How to get in ‘receiving mode’ in order to allow clarity

  • How to begin BEing HAPPIER more of the time

Meets four consecutive weeks.

Email inquiries to



Allowing You Hero Image.png
Allowing You 
Adult Workshop


This three-part workshop series is designed for those searching for an understanding of who we are and what we are meant to do in this life. Laura connects with Spirit and shares their perspective that the happiness we are searching for, is a choice. Learn how to bring happiness into your life by connecting with your Higher Self and discovering the truth about your emotional guidance system and what it is telling you. Includes instruction on meditation, refocusing thought, and receiving clarity.



Meets three consecutive weeks.

Email inquiries to




Payment accepted at the time of the session.

Cash, check, Venmo, Zelle only. No credit cards. 



Private Sessions
In-person or Virtual

Energy clearing $244/ first time clients

 120 min.
This is a channeled session. Source energy interprets as your energetic blocks (imbalances) are cleared, and provides information specific to the cleared blocks when necessary.  Energetic blockages are BELIEFS and/ or EMOTIONAL BLOCKS you are holding within your energy system which are not serving you, and are holding you in a place of dissatisfaction or unhappiness within your current life situation. During the clearing, you will receive empowering guidance contributing to both your forward progression and to the understanding of your guidance system. There will be time to ask any questions you may have.

*Recommended: Please bring your smartphone to in-person sessions to voice record the session with VOICE MEMO.

Channeled Coaching session- a conversation with Source

Laura channels the nonphysical (Source, spirit, your guides) for your personal questions & to deliver information Source has for you.

For new or repeat clients who

  • are seeking an introduction to connectivity with the nonphysical

  • are seeking guidance about what is going on in their life

  • are seeking answers about the contrast they are experiencing

  • have questions they want answered by spirit

  • are wanting to move forward in their life but feel stuck

  • For ENERGY WORKERS who are already connected, and are seeking guidance about HOW to move forward in this work.​​

 120 minute coaching session / first time clients  -$244     

  • 90 minutes of channeling and 30 minutes of Lifework explanation-techniques you can incorporate into your daily practice to help you raise your vibrational level.

 60 minute coaching session/ repeat clients only -$125

  • 40-50 minutes of channeling and  10-20 minutes of Lifework explanation-techniques you can incorporate into your daily practice to help you in your awakening.

Coaching sessions for small groups available.  Rates vary. Email inquiries.

60-120 minute sessions/ groups of 3 or more.


*Recommended for ALL in-person sessions: Please bring your smartphone to voice record the session with VOICE MEMO. 


Quick Question

Quick question- up to 10 minutes channeling /$25.  Payment by Zelle or Venmo only.

Similar to what we do during my radio show call-ins, but you email or text your question and I either channel a written response  or audio record the channeled answer and send you the audio.  Email your question through the request an appointment  tab, and I will respond within 48 hours. 

About Pricing

Laura's rates are $125 for a one hour coaching session.  If time and schedule permits, and you wish to extend your session past the hour, you can do so in 20 min increments at $45.

Virtual sessions are done via Zoom and do not differ in any way. Your energy is just as easily accessed by Spirit whether you are seated in front of me, or numerous miles away.  I work with callers all over the world on my radio show.  Energy work is not dependent upon location!  Zoom sessions are recorded and a link to the recording is sent following the session.

 location /summer hours

In the Light

La Grange Park, IL

Monday | afternoon student sessions 

Tuesday | 10am - 2pm CST

Wednesday | 10am - 3pm CST

Every other Thursday | 10am - 12pm CST

**If you are requesting a virtual session and are outside the CST timezone, please indicate when sending a session request.

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