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The Experience 

What should I expect during a clearing session?

During a clearing session, you sit in a chair and relax.  Spirit (Source energy, your higher self, your Spirit guides) is ready and waiting when you walk in!  Source immediately goes to work sharing information about any energy blocks you may have.  Energy blocks are false belief and/or old emotion which is interfering with your ability to move forward upon your path with the least resistance. The session is run entirely by Spirit and any blocks in your energy centers are identified and explained, one by one. You may see Laura using her breath to help move or clear energy. No two healings are alike, as Source energy addresses the present state of your energy, which is constantly shifting dependent upon your thought.  This part is really fun, enlightening, and very interactive as you are invited to ask ANY and ALL questions to help you clarify and understand all that is being shared. You are even given lifework (suggestions) which is intended to start you on your path to interpreting and understanding the guidance your ARE receiving every day. Virtual sessions do not differ in any way. Your energy is just as easily accessed by Spirit whether you are seated in front of Laura, or numerous miles away.  Energy work is not dependent upon location!

What if I have a question about what is happening?

Ask away!  Ask for information, clarity, or guidance, either out loud or to yourself.  If you suddenly feel a question come to mind, it may be that your Higher Self or your guides, are impressing this thought.  Your spirit team knows exactly what you need at exactly the right time. 

Will I feel or see anything?

Listen to your body and what it is telling you. If you feel like closing your eyes, then do.  Some people have shared information about seeing specific colors or lights during specific points in the energy release.  However you are most comfortable, is the right answer for you.  Most often, you will feel "lighter" after the experience. Some report feeling energized, while others feel tired after.  It is important to listen to your body afterward, and give it a nap, glass of water, or a run!  

What if I'm not sure I believe in other dimensional beings or spirit guides?

You do not need to believe, but being open to the experience is a start. The session will still have a positive effect on your body and Higher self.  YES!  Your Higher self, or non-physical self, is craving connection with you, and energy clearing strengthens this connection.  You must know that after a session you will find yourself reaching for a new understanding of your world.  For once your vibrational alignment has shifted, you can never go back to a place of "not knowing."  Hooray, this is good!

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