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What is an energy alignment intuitive?

Laura is a psychic channeler.  She (interprets, channels, translates) guidance from Source energy.  Source energy is non physical, or 'other dimensional' Spirit energy.  She provides an introduction to this 'new to you' approach, yet NATURAL approach of learning how to allow the forward momentum of your life, by teaching you how to align your physical energy with the energy of your Higher self.  And you do this by learning how to listen to your guidance system, or your sixth sense!


The guidance received by Laura is from Source energy (your spirit guides, your Higher Self, your Source self) which is the greater part of you (and one with Source energy).  The guidance coming through is what is most relevant ‘right now,’ based upon your present desires and the path of least resistance (the fastest path leading you to what you are desiring).  You learn how to allow yourself to receive in the physical by learning how to control your focused thought!

Your natural state of BEing (feeling good state of BEing) is ALWAYS moving you toward that which you desire and is always intending to keep you on your path of least resistance.  What often interferes is that you are not interpreting your guidance system correctly.

YOU can learn HOW to allow it to come to you, HOW to open the channels to receive.  This is BEing in alignment, or BEing in your natural state more of the time.  It is up to you after your session, to begin practicing techniques to shift your emotional setpoint (the way you feel MOST of the time) as you begin learning how to continually attend to your vibrational level (how you are feeling.)


Your work is learning how to FEEL GOOD intentionally by making a conscious choice to hold thought that feels good within your mind as often as possible.  Thus, your work is to become consciously AWARE of how you are feeling, and continually shift your focus (what you are thinking about) in order to change how you feel if it is not how you want to feel! 

As a psychic channeler and energy alignment intuitive, Laura guides and teaches you how to:


Stand in your power by taking control of your thoughts.

Plugging in.png
Plugging in.png

Get ‘in touch’ and connect with your Higher Self via “plugging in” and quieting your mind.


Listen to the guidance you HAVE been receiving from Source and what listening ‘looks like (intuition, gut feelings, etc.)


Understand your emotional guidance system and the alerts you are receiving all day everyday.

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