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My greatest power is in knowing I control my thoughts


what is energy?

Everything is energy, including the human body. Modern science is finally coming to recognize that energy constitutes the blueprint of our physical body and that the energetic vibrations of this blueprint can be improved, facilitating health and harmony.

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energy healing

Why have an energy healing?  

Anyone who is not completely satisfied with everything in their life will benefit from an energy healing. If you are NOT HAPPY, then you need an energy healing! If you are feeling stuck, worried, fearful, unfocused..., then you need an energy healing. If you want change or "something more," then you need an energy healing. If you do not fully understand that you ARE an energetic being, that your purpose here is to BE happy, and that you are standing in your POWER when you are KNOWING that you are in complete control of bringing ALL that you desire into manifestation, then you definitely need an energy healing! 


Our emotions wreak havoc on our energy centers BECAUSE most of us are unaware that our emotions are intended to be GUIDANCE.  We continually have knee-jerk reactions to our environment, and misunderstand our emotional response. It is not until you realize that nothing happens TO YOU, only in front of you, that you learn how to keep your energy centers muck free. When we worry, carry guilt or anger, or allow anything opposite love to harbor within our THOUGHTS, this will lead to feeling stuck, tense, anxious, depressed, sluggish, fearful, and stressed out! This low vibrational energy causes physical, mental, and emotional discord within our bodies. If we hold onto this energy long enough, we will start to see undesired manifestations within our physical bodies.  

I am guided by your energy. 

I connect with Source energy (spirit) and your Higher Self, or Source self. Your Source self knows exactly what needs to be done, and releases blocks of low vibrational energy, clearing and restoring the flow. Your Source self does the work, I am basically a vibrational interpreter!  This work not only heals your energy but fine-tunes and restores your body's ability to heal itself, as it should. My first goal is to restore the flow of wellness within your energy, but my ultimate goal is to put you on the path to interpreting the guidance YOU ARE receiving EVERY DAY. Once you understand how to get on and stay on your path of least resistance, your desires will flow to you! This is when the interaction gets really fun, as Source provides guidance to help me, help you, help yourself!

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What Everyone Should Know About Energy Healing



The study of the seven chakras originates in Eastern spiritual traditions.  These spiritual traditions have long emphasized the chakras as being the engine of our human existence.  Similarly, today’s Western approach emphasizes the seven chakras as representations of different aspects of our life and describes their function in various terms encompassing the psychological, physical, energetic and spiritual. The chakras stretch from the base of the spine to the crown of our head. 


Each chakra possesses its color and vibrational frequency, and these 'wheels' are the catalysts of consciousness and human function. They govern various emotional issues, from our survival instincts and self-esteem to our ability to communicate and experience love. Learning to work with your energy can be life-changing. By restoring the power of your chakras, you can take back control of your health and well-being. 


Base of spine


Just below the navel

Solar Plexus



Center of chest


Base of the throat

Third Eye



Top of the head





  • Lessen aches, pains, illness, and disease 

  • Increase energy

  • Facilitate weight loss

  • Discover the connection between desire and manifestation

  • Become more connected with your intuition

  • Understand the power behind "choosing" good feeling thoughts, and pivoting from bad feeling thoughts

  • Become aware of your connection to Source energy

  • Become aware of the connection between you and You

  • Discover how to become an intentional creator

  • Increase focus, clarity, and productivity

  • Learn to take control of unintentional thought patterns leading to worry, anxiety, and depression

  • Learn the intended purpose of your emotional guidance system

  • Establish an awareness of self-empowered well-being

  • Learn how to bring more joy into your life

  • Relieve STRESS and WORRY

  • Create deeper happiness, satisfaction, and contentment

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the experience


What should I expect during a session?

During a session, you sit in a chair and relax.  Spirit (Source energy, your Higher self, your Spirit guides) are invited into the session. The session is run entirely by Spirit and any blocks in your energy centers are identified and explained, one by one. You will see me using my breath to help move or clear energy. No two healings will ever be alike, as Source energy, or Spirit, addresses the present state of your energy, which is constantly shifting.  This part is really fun and enlightening, as it is very interactive and you are invited to ask ANY and ALL questions to help you clarify and understand all that they share.  You are even given homework (suggestions) which is intended to start you on your path to interpreting and understanding the guidance your ARE receiving every day.

Virtual sessions do not differ in any way.  Your energy is just as easily accessed by Spirit whether you are seated in front of me, or numerous miles away.  Energy work is not dependent upon location!


What if I have a question about what is happening?

Ask for information, clarity, or guidance, either out loud or to yourself.  If you suddenly feel a question come to mind, it may be that Spirit is impressing this thought.  Source energy knows exactly what you need at exactly the right time.


Will I feel or see anything?

Most often, I am told that people feel "lighter" after the experience, or that it feels as if a weight has been lifted.  You may physically feel the energy shifts you will be experiencing, and this may feel like a heaviness or a lightness, tingling of your limbs, ot lightheadedness.  Your sensitivity to Spirit will depend upon your your current state of BEing, and your understanding and openness to the information you will be receiving. 


How long does it take?

The way I perform a healing session has changed several times over the past few years.  The sessions change as my connection with Spirit is continually changing and shifting.  These sessions have become much more interactive as my ability to receive and flow Source energy through me, has become increasingly stronger.  Most sessions last an hour, but sessions may run over if time permits. 


What if I'm not sure I believe in spirit guides or energy healing?

You do not need to believe, but being open to the experience is a start.  The healing will still have a positive effect on your body and Higher Self.  YES!  Your Higher Self, or non-physical self, is craving connection with you, and energy healing strengthens this connection.  You must know, that after an energy healing you will find yourself reaching for a new understanding of your world.  For once your vibrational alignment has shifted, you can never go back to a place of "not knowing.  Hooray!  This is good news!


If you have an opportunity to work with Laura O’Malley do yourself a favor and do not hesitate. Laura has helped me clear blockages, find clarity, and breathe much easier. For some, a leap of faith may be required initially, but it becomes readily apparent that Laura is incredibly gifted and a tremendous resource for growth.

— Jeff A.

    La Grange Park, IL


healing/coaching session

$120 per session

Sessions lasts approximately  

60 min, but may run over

Winter Hours:

By appointment only

612 N Kensington Ave La Grange Park IL

Tues, Wed, Thurs 10 am-2 pm

  • Virtual appointments also available by request. 

  • You may voice record your session with your smart phone voice app.

  • Dog on premises. Please alert me of your allergy, so we can arrange an appointment at Luxxe Honor

I am happy to announce we will soon be offering group workshops at

 Luxxe Honor 

311 W. Hillgrove Ave

LaGrange IL

for inquiries email me, or call

Luxxe Honor


Payment Methods 

Cash or check only. Payment accepted at the time of the session.

about Laura O'Malley

Laura's spiritual journey began in the fall of  2014.  She tells the story, "I had everything I needed and wanted, and my life looked picture perfect.  Yet, I'd never felt worse.  I was sad, depressed, feeling utterly hopeless, not to mention completely stressed out, and I had no idea why."  She had been experiencing severe physical dizziness and spent over a year searching for answers within the medical community.  The  'cause' was never determined.

Following a strange impulse, she stumbled upon a book in the library (today she recognizes this as Divine intervention!) that suggested she meditate, and so she began.   A sense of relief and calmness set in slowly at first, and then fast and strong.  She remembers, "It felt as though my life was simply falling into place."  Within a year, she'd begun communicating with her spirit guides (yes, we ALL have them!)  and later, with a collective consciousness of Source energy to whom she refers to as 'Dearest.'  Laura remembers this,  "After my initial response of disbelief, followed by a complete physical and mental evaluation indicating I was not completely losing it, I began to LISTEN.  Not with my ears, but with my inner guidance, with my whole self."  This connection introduced her to her Higher Self, and her Divine path. 


By meditating, or "plugging in" to Source daily,  she discovered the truth of  'WHO I AM,' the truth of who we ALL are.  Thus, began her path to wellness.  Worry and fear seemed to disappear overnight.  For months she read all she could find about meditation and energy centers.  She took classes and became a certified Reiki IIl  Master.  Her path to connecting with Source energy and learning to interpret vibrational information, felt to her,  nothing short of miraculous.  Now, however, she know that this miracle, this connection,  is available to every single one of us.  She is a healer, a teacher, a source of information for anyone searching for truth and happiness...this she knows.  "I love what I do.  This path will lead ANYONE to whatever it is,  they desire." 


"I am grateful for every experience, every connection I have with the individuals who seek my guidance.  For when you learn, I learn.  I am committed to bringing happiness & enlightenment to all those who find me, and help each one discover his or her path to peace, love, and joy, as I have discovered mine!"  


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