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Everything is energy, including the human body. Modern science is finally coming to recognize that energy constitutes the blueprint of our physical body and that the energetic vibrations of this blueprint can be improved, facilitating health and harmony.

Why would you need an energy healing?  Our emotions can wreak havoc on our energy centers!  When we worry, carry guilt or anger, or allow anything opposite love to harbor within our bodies (which normally happens without us being aware it's happening!) we start to feel stuck, anxious, depressed, sluggish, fearful, and stressed out!  All of this is low vibrational energy and can settle into our energy centers and can cause physical, mental and emotional discord within our bodies.


During a healing, I act as a guide to your own energy.  I am a certified Reiki lll Master Practitioner, but I now rely mainly on Source energy ( a collective conciousness of the energy of creation, which all human beings are a part of) to connect us and guide your own energy in breaking up and relieving blocks of low vibrational energy, repairing energy centers, clearing and restoring the flow in your rivers of light, and replacing low vibrational energy with universal Source energy.  Your energy does the work, I am simply a guide and teacher. The healing not only repairs and heals any issues in your energy centers, but fine tunes and restores your body's ability to heal itself as it should.  My first goal is to restore the health of your energy, but my main goal is to offer insight on how you can keep it healthy on your own.  This is when the healing gets fun, as Source provides guidance to help me, help you, help yourself!

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What Everyone Should Know About Energy Healing




The study of the seven chakras originates in Eastern spiritual traditions.  These spiritual traditions have long emphasized the chakras as being the engine of our human existence.  Similarly, today’s Western approach emphasizes the seven chakras as representations of different aspects of our life and describes their function in various terms encompassing the psychological, physical, energetic and spiritual. The chakras stretch from the base of the spine to the crown of our head. 


Each chakra possesses its color and vibrational frequency, and these 'wheels' are the catalysts of consciousness and human function. They govern various emotional issues, from our survival instincts and self-esteem to our ability to communicate and experience love. Learning to work with your energy can be life-changing. By restoring the power of your chakras, you can take back control of your health and well-being. 


Base of spine


Just below the navel

Solar Plexus



Center of chest


Base of the throat

Third Eye



Top of the head




Lessen aches, pains, illness and disease 

Increase energy

Relieve stress

establishes an awareness of self empowered healing


Increase focus, clarity, and productivity. 

Learn how to control unintentional thought patterns


Become more connected with your intuition.

Understand the power behind "choosing" good feeling thoughts.

Become aware of your connection to Source energy


Renew your overall inner and outer balance.

Learn how to bring more joy into your life


Create deeper happiness, satisfaction, and contentment.

Learn the truth about your feelings.

Discover how to become an intentional creator

the experience


What should I expect during a session?

During a session, you lie on the table and relax.  Calming music or guided affirmations are played to help you reach a state of relaxation.  You can sleep, watch, or actively participate. Source energy, which includes your guides, moves through me.  My guided hands move above and around your body, cleaning, clearing, and repairing specific issues in your energy. Unlike Reiki healing, my hands never touch your physical body.  Energy that is removed is always replaced with new light, or Source energy, which ultimately raises your vibrational level.  You may hear me using my breath and my voice to help move or clear energy.  Every healing is different as Source addresses your specific energy issues.  After the guided healing, I am taken back through the healing step by step in order to explain what was done and share any information I receive.  This part can be really fun and enlightening! Source shares what was done and why. You are even given homework (suggestions) which will contribute to the beginning of your self-empowerment.


What if I have a question about what is happening?

 I will answer any questions after the 15 minute guided healing has finished.  Ask for information, clarity or guidance, either out loud or to yourself.  If you suddenly feel a question come to mind, it may be that your guides are impressing this thought.  Sometimes they answer immediately, and sometimes it may be revealed that this information is not necessary for you at present. Your guides know exactly what you need at exactly the right time.


Will I feel or see anything?

Some people feel or see a great deal, and others feel or see nothing.  Some have gone to sleep during the session. Responses after have been:​​

  • I felt a tingling sensation.

  • It felt like you were lifting certain body parts.

  •  I felt hot (cold). I felt pressure.

  • I suddenly felt happy, sad, upset (etc.).

  • I saw colors, bright, flashing or sparkling light.

  • I felt light, like I was floating (or a heaviness.)


How long does it take?

At the present, I am using a 15 minute guided meditation during the Source guided healing session.   Following this session, Source takes me back through the healing step by step,  which allows me to explain what was done, and give any guidance Source feels would be helpful.  At this time you may also ask questions! The entire session usually lasts 50-60 minutes.  


What if I'm not sure I believe in spirit guides or energy healing?

I began to answer this question with what I thought, and then I asked my guides for direction. Their response was, “You do not need to believe.  The healing will still have a positive effect on your body and soul."  YES!  Your higher self, or non-physical self, is craving connection with you, and energy healing strengthens this connection.  You may even develop new beliefs about spirit guides!



If you have an opportunity to work with Laura O’Malley do yourself a favor and do not hesitate. Laura has helped me clear blockages, find clarity, and breathe much easier. For some, a leap of faith may be required initially, but it becomes readily apparent that Laura is incredibly gifted and a tremendous resource for growth.

— Jeff A.

    La Grange Park, IL


healing session

$120 per healing session

A session lasts approximately 60-75 minutes.  

Summer Hours:

By appointment at 612 N. Kensington Ave LaGrange Park  

Tues-Wed  10am-2pm

I am happy to announce I am now taking appointments at

 Luxxe Honor 

311 W. Hillgrove Ave

LaGrange IL

Thursday 11am-3pm

Payment Methods 

Cash & check.  NO credit card payments.  Payment accepted at time of session.

about Laura O'Malley

My spiritual journey began in August of 2014. I live in my dream home, have four happy, healthy boys, and a wonderfully supportive husband. I have everything that anyone hopes for when they see themselves "living the dream."  Yet, I was sad, depressed, feeling utterly hopeless, not to mention completely stressed out, but I had no idea why.

I stumbled upon a book in the library (today I call this Divine intervention!) that suggested I meditate, and so I began. I gave this gift to myself daily, relentlessly.  A sense of relief and calmness set in slowly at first, and then fast and strong.  It felt as though my life was simply falling into place.  Within a year, I'd begun communicating with my spirit guides (yes, we ALL have them!)  After the initial shock and disbelief, I began to carefully listen.  This connection introduced me to my true self, and my Divine path. 


Through meditation, I was able to discover, or uncover, the root of my unhappiness.  Thus began my path to healing.  For months I read all I could find about meditation and energy centers.  I took classes and became a Reiki IIl  Master.  I was led to different healers and experienced many different healing modalities firsthand.  I connected with Shamanic healers, Reiki practitioners, psychotherapists,  holistic chiropractors, and many other practitioners of energy work.  I worked with healers who led me into past-life regressions, uncovering more information leading me along my path.  During a distance healing, I was told that I was a healer, and that the meditation I was doing daily was a self-healing.  I began to experiment with energy healings on my family and friends.  This led me to study under an energy healer in Colorado, and for the next year I studied her techniques in her instructional videos, and put in countless hours of practice.  Word spread quickly, and suddenly I was being called to perform many healings every week.  I asked for validation that I was helping others, and received so much confirmation that I knew this was my true path.  I love what I do.  I am a healer...this I know.  


 I learned how to tune-in to my inner-guidance and I now make a daily commitment to follow it.  I am a student of Spirit and feel incredibly blessed as I continue to explore healing in a profoundly different way.  I am grateful for every new learning experience, and continue to grow and learn as a healer with each healing.  Working in the light, I am committed to bringing happiness & enlightenment to all those who find me, and help each one discover his or her path to peace, love and joy, as I have discovered mine!  


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