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My greatest power is in knowing I control my thoughts.

Light is energy, and energy is everything

Everything is energy, including the human body. Modern science is finally coming to recognize that energy constitutes the blueprint of our physical body and that the energetic vibrations of this blueprint can be improved, facilitating health and harmony.

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Breadcrumbs to Happiness

Breadcrumbs to happiness is a lifelong  journey, and with practice becomes second nature.  Source energy’s guidance,  revealed through Laura’s connection,  is but part of the journey. This connection would not be happening, UNLESS you were seeking this.  Your intention for clarity and understanding about your truth, is what has connected you with her. Laura has found that most individuals who seek out her services are doing so because they are feeling stuck, stressed out, worried, depressed, or any combination of lower vibrational energies.  Focusing upon a lower vibrational energy (feeling) for an extended period of time will always contribute to one's general feeling of UNHAPPINESS.  Often this will result in feeling like you are just moving through your life, but not truly LIVING, or living happily.  More often than not, we seek happiness outside of ourselves, waiting for 'this' or 'that' to bring us the happiness we desire.  This journey will lead you to inner happiness, regardless of what is happening outside of yourself.  This is the beginning of learning to allow.  This journey is a gift you are giving yourself.  The intention is that you will receive specific guidance, specific action you can take, bringing new understanding into your awareness, and leave you feeling relief, hope, clarity, and excitement!  The greater part of the journey will be for you to move forward on your path practicing, experimenting, and living daily, within this guidance. 


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Although I am an avid yoga and meditation practitioner, I had hesitated to take this next step into creating healthy life energy.  Laura was knowledgeable, compassionate, and positive.  She put me at ease immediately.  I went into my session feeling skeptical and left feeling light, bright, and open to the message the universe had to share with me.  I've returned several times for her help in nurturing that openness.

— Katherine L.

    La Grange Park, IL

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In the Light -Radio Host

Laura O'Malley hosts In the Light live on News for the Soul radio every first and third Tuesday of the month from 4-5 pm CST.  Channeled guidance and free call-ins for guidance or blockage release! | call in during the show (646) 595-4274

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